Effective language learning – just listen and read.

I agree largely with Krashen, and Kato Lomb, the legendary Hungarian polyglot. Input is the key to language learning success. It takes commitment, discipline and curiosity. It is very rewarding. Here I talk about this in three languages.

Chinese Japanese English


One thought on “Effective language learning – just listen and read.

  1. @ SteveALG "Automatic Language Growth" is a language teaching and learning method that was (AFAIK) developed by some expats in Thailand; it is taught by pairs of teachers to a class of students, all in the target language. At the beginning, students just watch and listen to the teachers interact. Soon, they can answer teacher requests like "put your hands up" and later "arrange yourselves in order from shortest to tallest", without producing speech at the beginner level. The people that follow this method say it produces very native-like speakers. To me the disadvantage is I need to take that class; I prefer to surround myself with the right input.re: 华东师大 我对那边英语系的人没什么深刻影响,不像特别强的英语能力。华师大听说有全国最强的对外汉语系,但这是他们培养的师资,而不是那些人外语厉害的问题。

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