Struggling with Korean.

It is difficult to leave languages which you enjoy, where you are able to enjoy interesting content, and then have to start up again with a language where you struggle, where you have to go back to learner content.

I am working with Who is She and Eating Out at LingQ. There are still parts that I don’t understand even after saving all the words I don’t know, and listening to the episodes quite a few times, and reading them on iLingQ on my iPad. I will continue, however, because I know things will eventually click in.

What I enjoy more is reading online Korean newspapers. Even though I have to look up most of the words, the content is of interest. This is the same as what I did with Czech. I started reading online newspapers before I was comfortable with Who is She and other beginner material. The newspaper articles give you a sense of the country, what is happening, what matters in the language. On the other hand, the learner material seems stale.

I am helped in reading the Korean newspapers by my knowledge of Chinese. I make a point of finding the Chinese character in my Naver dictionary, and putting it into the Hint. Unfortunately Naver is not consistent in where it provides the character, so I have to look for it each time. Nor does Naver always provide a clear translation of the meaning. Not an ideal dictionary in my view, but the best available I guess.


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