Meet up in Prague October 2. A video.

I am not finally in a place where I have decent internet access. I will shortly report in detail about my Czech experience. Meanwhile here is a nice video of our meet up at the end of the first full day in Prague. The video was taken by the famous Dr.Huliganov who graced our table with his presence.


One thought on “Meet up in Prague October 2. A video.

  1. Steve, your spoken Czech seems to be doing amazingly well! Congratulations!And I noticed you had several pretty young girls there with you, what luck! :DGirls, beer, and learning a language, sounds like my kind of night…was there sausage involved, too? The Czech Republic is known for having excellent sausage that they like to serve with their beer, I gained a real taste for this habit after my visit to Germany many years ago–a lot of people might think I’m weird but it’s hard to beat good beer, sausage, sauerkraut, and potatoes for a meal in my opinion.Sounds like you had fun, I really hope we’ll get a more detailed write-up from you about how your speaking went and how the last year’s efforts at learning Czech have paid off for you.Cheers,Andrew

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