Getting Ready for Prague

I am excited as I prepare to go to Prague for my “five days to fluency in Czech challenge”. I am not going directly there, though, since I have my 50th high school reunion to attend in Montreal first, over the weekend. That should also be fun. Anyway I am packing tonight and will spend most of tomorrow getting to Montreal. The flight takes 4 and a half hours and the time difference is three hours. Two days there and then on to Prague to see what I can learn in five days. I will be reading and listening to Czech on the way over, unless I fall asleep or have a talkative neighbour on the flight..


One thought on “Getting Ready for Prague

  1. Hey Steve, you’re a self-important gas bag, who loves his own voice and fragile egotist!P.S.I DON’T GIVE A FUCK WHERE ARE YOU AND WHAT YOU DO!

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