Five days to fluency in Czech, progress report #3 – happening!

Today was an eventful day, in a way.

I played hockey this morning and we lost. Then I stopped for a dim sum brunch on my way back home. Once home I was able to leave my hockey equipment out in the sun to dry, since we play again tomorrow and the next day.

This was followed by an hour and a half of Czech discussion via skype with Ondrej and Jarda. Then I dowloaded my dose of Czech podcasts on to my mp3 player and drove to the office.

I drive along a windy road to the office. The whole ride is about 15 minutes. There are bus stops but not too many buses along the route. There were two girls waiting for a bus, and as I approached the bus stop they started hitch-hiking, almost pleadingly. So I stopped and picked them up.They told me that they had been waiting for an hour.

My Czech podcast was still going on my audio system. “Is that the radio?” they asked. ” No”, I answered “I am learnng Czech”. 

“We are Czech!” they announced. 

There followed a lively discussion in Czech. I must say that I held up my end, although the case endings are totally hit and miss, or random at best. I thoroughly enjoyed it. My first spontaneous conversation in Czech!

I drove them another ten minutes past my office to the main bus stop.

I should have taken a picture.

Remember that my “5 days to fluency” plan is a strategy of developing a strong passive knowledge base in the language, and then converting it into comfortable active fluency in the language during 5 days in Prague. The key to success is in the preparation. I am focused on this goal, and this helps keep me motivated in my listening, reading and LingQing. When I reach Prague I want to be able to understand comfortably. I have also been stepping up my online Czech discussions, as I am now a little more than a month away from the day I arrive in Prague.


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