Technical problems

Sorry for the previous posts. The attached sound file from Call Recorder only seems to provide Jarda’s voice track and not mine. Posterous seems to be a very buggy blogging system and I cannot edit nor delete these posts right now. As soon as I can, I will delete these posts and add them again when I have a sound file which works. Sorry.


One thought on “Technical problems

  1. Yes, the Russian can easily make itself felt – one translator I met there told me my pronunciation was "nearly perfect," but after listening a while longer, said I sounded just like the White Russians she had known back in the village. (They weren’t all returned to Russia after the war, after all, it seems.) A matter apparently of over-stressing the first syllable – hardly necessary in Czech, since that’s where it invariably occurs, while in Russian it is phonemic and strong enough to affect the pronunciation of every vowel in the word. It wasn’t always helpful in Prague to be mistaken for a Russian, BTW – most people associate Russian with the Reds rather than the Whites. (Try reading a Russian newspaper in the Metro.) An interesting book to pick up might be a school textbook for Russian – they list pairs of words in Russian and Czech with different meanings: it’s not only the pronunciation that differs.

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