Input, input, input. I can’t stress it enough.

I am gathering steam in my Czech. I understand so much more. Now I am able to learn more and faster since I can make sense of so much more of what I read or listen to. I call this the snowball effect of input based learning. One of my commenters at youtube likened it to gathering speed down a runway and then getting airborne. Yeah!


One thought on “Input, input, input. I can’t stress it enough.

  1. BTW, people have been trying to get teachers to hold off on pushing production since at least 1570. Maybe before, but <ital>The Scholemaster </ital> was the earliest I’ve noticed it. (It has served as my excuse ever since.) In those days the language everybody learned was Latin, and apparently it wasn’t learned very well in most cases. Ascham said that once the student had learned to decline and conjugate (this is dragged out for a year or two in the US; I think he had a faster pace in mind), he was to listen while the teacher explained every word in a text and then read it over until the student was able to define every word and its function for himself. Only after he’d been doing this for a while was he to be allowed to start "making Latines" unsupervised. Learning to read a foreign language is like learning mathematics, it calls for analysis and memory. Learning to speak a language is more like learning to play an instrument, with innumerable hours devoted to practicing the same piece. Unless you know you’re going to need to speak (which is more like improvisational jazz than a recitation piece, anyway), trying to learn to hold a conversation too early can mean a lot of wasted time better invested in developing a feel for how the language works by seeing and hearing a lot of it. Learning to pronounce what you’re reading correctly is a good idea, but practicing enough in order to come up with it instantly is a waste of time at the beginning. IMHO. In any case, LingQ looks like more fun.

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