Learning Czech, an update

I am not sure when I started on Czech, but I know that I had my Cantonese radio interview on July 23, so it was not before July 24, Sunday. I am assumng I have spent 2 weeks on Czech.

My activity has consisted mostly of downloading lessons from our LingQ library to listen to and read, and creating LingQs of the words and phrases that I need to know. I have also leafed through a phrase book that I had from before, but most of the time it has been listening, then reading, and then reviewing flashcards on LingQ.

I have even recorded the text to speech from my flash cards to create sound files of the words and phrases that I have saved. Good stuff to listen to while doing the dishes.

I still have lots of trouble understanding what I listen to, if I don’t have the text in front of me. I would not be able to begin speaking. I know that there are case endings out there, and verb forms, and I have occasionally googled to just have a glance at them. However, mostly I am just letting it all flow over me. I am confident that things will start to solidify in a few weeks. Things are getting clearer all the time.

I have discovered Radio Praha, and have subsribed to some of their podcasts. I have imported some of their texts and worked my way through them at LingQ, creating tons of LingQs.

I attach my profile at LingQ to give you an idea of my activity level.


From this you can see that I have saved LingQs like crazy. I have not moved many of them to learned yet. They are still bouncing around in never-never land in my brain. I will harvest them later. I don’t know how many I actually know, but more and more of the texts that I read are intelligible. Listening comprehension without the texts is another story.

You will note that I am still going at Russian. I still listen to more Russian than Czech because at this point it is more interesting.

I have studied somewhere around 200 lessons at LingQ, including what I have imported from Radio Praha, Czech newpapers and even a Czech blog.

You will note that my Avatar (generic Avatar for Beta languages) is starting to take shape.




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