Thousand hours of listening language learning challenge

I have launched a challenge on the LingQ Forum. I plan to listen to at least 500 hours of language this year, at first mostly Russian and Korean, and then eventually Czech, if we get it going at LingQ. I will also read transcripts of most of what I listen to, and review the words and phrases that I save from these texts. My stats will available for review in my profile at LingQ. Of course, when It come to recording our listening time, we are on the honour system. But then is there any group as honourable as language learners?

I got a strong head start during the recent holidays as I was able to listen 4-5 hours a day, while cross country skiing.  Now that I am back at work, the space has slowed down somewhat. Still it is going to mean between 1 hour a day on slow days and up to 5 hours on good days. I wonder how many hours are possible over the year. I wonder what will be the impact on my language learning.

How about you out there? Anyone up for the challenge?


One thought on “Thousand hours of listening language learning challenge

  1. An excellent plan, Steve. I plan to do the same, with around 200 hours of Dutch to get me a comfortable start in understanding the language so that I can start speaking. I’m sure that with the rest of my listening throughout the year, I’ll pass 500 total.

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