How to find time for listening to languages if you are married.

How do married people find the time to study languages and listen to their MP3 players. This was a discussion on a Forum at LingQ. What are your experiences?

My initial advice was as follows:

“I suggest you try talking to your wife while listening to your language MP3 files on your earphones. This might meet some initial resistance from your wife but you just need to persevere. She’ll get used to it if she really loves you.

Let us know how it goes. “

This was not well received so I added the following additional explanations:

“I am surprised at the negative reaction of others. You do have to work at it. There could be some initial negative reactions. But if she truly loves you…

Here are some tips that work for me.

Learn to say “yes dear” in English or whatever language you happen to be studying, at regular intervals.
Learn to look in her direction every so often, just in case you did not notice that she was speaking to you.
If you are really focused on what you are listening to, learn to hold your finger to your lips to shush her up, without appearing annoyed.

Let me know if you need more tips, and as I said, let me know how you make out. “

This advice is intended for either husbands or wives. Any other suggestions out there?



One thought on “How to find time for listening to languages if you are married.

  1. Well, of course you could always let your spouse know that you are studying and take the necessary time out from on-going conversation. Or scheduling a specific time each day to study would be helpful. Simply acting like you are listening to him or her is as rude as putting your finger to your lips with a "shush" signal. You may find yourself very alone with your language lessons for a very long time. Listening in your car or while doing chores is an obvious option.

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