Southern Italian litterature and two mysteries.

Sicily is amazing. I had no idea there was so much to see, from Greek ruins (we are in Agrigento right now visiting the valley of the temples), to Baroque architecture (Noto, Modica and Ragusa were fascinating and beautiful and yet I had never heard of them) and the food and wine and the climate…the highlight of our European trip for me. I will definitely want to come back.

Two mysteries. Does anyone have any answers?

1) Why is there so much garbage and litter everywhere? I read in the newspapers about politics about the mafia etc. surrounding the garbage problem, but I cannot understand the issue. On the other hand I see people just litter at will. One of the few negatives for me in Sicily (and it was even worse in Campania especially around Caserta).

2) Why are the local autostradas here in Sicily all elevated highways, even over gently rolling hillsides? It must cost a fortune.


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