Macrobiotics and Il Gastronauta

We had a lovely stay at a farm near Enna in Sicily. I was up early for a run, while listening on my iPod to one of my favourite Italian podcasts, Il Gastronauta, where Davide Paolini discusses all kinds of aspects of food and wine in Italy. The subject this morning was macrobiotics and the importance of eating fruit and vegetables in season. The gist was that it is good for our health to only eat fruit and vegetables in season, and only local produce.

To me this is nonsense. I prefer choice, all year long. I do not think that Scandinavians should be limited to herring and turnips for most of the year. And as for eating locally, let us not forget that most of the staple fruit and vegetables of Italian cuisine are plants that originate elsewhere, like the tomato for example which comes from the American continent.



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