Some thoughts on Italy.

We cut our stay in Salerno short because of the weather, and the noise in the area where our hotel was located. A great hotel, right by the ocean, great staff, but the view from our balcony is attached.

On the other hand the drive along the Amalfitano coast was awesome, aside from the inevitable garbage piles at every roadside rest space, which seems a feature of Italy, especially the south.

We stopped for lunch at Positano, delicious with Neapolitan music piped at us. See second picture.

We also visited Pompei, a phenomenal experience although the site is very poorly indicated and poorly maintained. Just amazing both as a place to visit, and how poorly looked after it is, not on a par with the many well maintained sites we have visited elsewhere in Italy, North and South.

I came away with the feeling that the people of Campania are the happiest I have met. I have seen some items on the Internet that seem to confirm this. They have the lowest suicide rate in Italy for example, half the national average. Messy, carefree, fun loving, and long living it seems.

The visit to the South is interesting. The history here, whether in Campania, or Puglia,where we are now, has been marked by foreign domination, Norman, Arab, Aragonese, Spanish, and this seems to have marked the people and their culture.

Bari and Lecce were both delighful. More to follow. including a meet up in Bari with active LingQer Adalberto and his family, who invited us to stay the night and took us out to dinner.




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