Italy – some impressions

When I get some time I will write a little diary of our trip so far. I thought I would just post a few impressions.

Firenze is a concentration of the Renaissance, the palaces, the Duomo, the cathedrals, and the paintings in the Uffizzi (so many portraits and faces in the paintings that I started to see Renaissance faces amongst the Italians visiting the gallery.)

Then  Tuscany and Umbria dotted with small and large hill top fortress towns built of stone, ( the large ones we saw include Siena, Perugia, Assisi, Spoleto). Lovely idyllic countryside, somehow Umbria seemed cleaner and more comfortable to live in than Tuscany, although I can’t say why.

Rome is too much. There is just so much to see there, that it overwhelms you. But so does the increasing disorder and messiness and garbage, that is a sign of moving south in Italy, or so it has seemed so far.

Campania is a different world. We visited Caserta,(the Royal Palace!) stayed in Solerno, went out one night when the whole town, and all neighbouring townspeople and all of their cars seemed to be in the streets. This is how life is meant to be lived, happy, friendly warm people.

Then today we drove the Amalfitana coast and lunched in Positano…delicious and lovely…and then toured Pompei. (More comments on this later.)

Compania…the warmest most outgoing and friendly people I have come across. The most disorganized and disrespectful of any rules, and the most fun loving people I have met. They sure have a good time, and make you feel welcome and special, even when they litter at will, cut you off and won’t let you in when driving, ignore stop signs and aggressively drive through pedestrian cross walks. But lovable.

A book I am reading in Italian, called Regole, (Rules), by Abravanel and D’Agnese, suggests that this casual attitude towards rules may not be helping Italy.


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