After five days in Braga, the third largest urban area of Portugal, we continued to Viseu in the interior. The highways of Portugal are wonderful, with relatively little traffic. Maybe this is part of the problem the country is now facing with a tremendous bill to pay for excessive government spending over the last many years.

Viseu is cleaner than Braga, with a delightful old town and many buildings featuring the manuelino windows, a style named after King Manuel who ruled in the early part of the 16th century at the height of Portugal’s period of maritime exploration.

We had the best meal so far, at the O Cortiço, in the old town, As usual, in Portugal, when you sit down you are offered a few starters which you can eat or pass on. Then we ordered the best duck we have had in a long time. Another peculiarity of Portugal is the way dishes are offered for two persons ( a dose) and for slightly less money, for one person (half a dose). Same with wine. We had the best wine we have had so far for 6 Euros a litre, half a litre was 5 Euros!


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