Teachers need to be more like promoters and salespeople, not “professionals”.

I attach a comment that a teacher made complaining that the education establishment is being treated in a way that the medical profession would never accept.

I think she misses the point. Teachers do not deal with sick people. They deal with learners, people with brains that are programmed to learn. Teachers need to promote their subjects to learners, to sell the idea of learning their subjects. If they can sell an interest in what they are teaching, the learners will learn. In a broader sense, educators need to be entrepreneurs, not only within the classroom but with society at large. There is a huge job to be done in most countries to raise levels of literacy and knowledge. This is a tremendous challenge which the bureaucratism of the established official education system is poorly equipped to deal with.

To be a successful promoter, salesmen, entrepreneur or teacher, the qualities of enthusiasm and on the job training are more important than professional credentials. The same cannot be said of doctors.

Priscilla Gutierrez posted this penetrating comment on Huff Post.(From Stephen Krashen’s regular mail outs)

“I wonder how the medical profession would take the news that their
standards of practice and efficacy were in need of reform, and that
said reform would be orchestrated by a group of corporate CEO’s and
their minions in government with absolutely no medical experience, and
only token input from doctors, nurses and medical practitioners would
be utilized, if at all. Evidence of success would be measured by
taking a patient’s temperature once a year, on a particular day and
time. Any indication of a fever, regardless of the source, would be
considered abject failure and the doctor would be subject to either a
discipline review or flat-out fired. Somehow I don’t think it would go
over too big. Yet as non-sensical as this sort of reform seems when
applied to the medical profession, the same approach to education
deform has overwhelming support from mainstream media, including Huff
Post. What a tragic disservice is being done to our children and our



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