Tests and credits in language learning

While it is widely recognized that a genuine interest in a language is the best condition for success, students seems more motivated by tests and getting credits, even if these things do not enable them to speak or understand a language. Is this because they are conditioned by the education system to think that way , or because it is human nature?  I mean, for things that we like to do, tests and credits are irrelevant. Why are they so dominant in language learning at schools and university? Can someone explain?


One thought on “Tests and credits in language learning

  1. I agree that students need the credits for the job market. I agree that people like a reward, any reward. I agree that the test is a measurement of something, although it is not clear what.Students in high school and college language courses pass tests and still fail to gain a useful skill level in the language.Of course, those majoring in a language may be different, but the majority who simply fulfill a language requirement do not achieve any kind of fluency, generally speaking.What if schools measured two things, like we do at LingQ? Passive vocabulary growth and activity level. These can be monitored by computer. The language requirement would be satisfied by achieving a minimum level in words known, and a constant level of activity.This could be supplemented with students submitting a "portfolio" of their best writing assignments and video vignettes of themselves speaking.Beyond that the students would be encouraged to engage with the language however they wanted to achieve these levels.

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