iPad, still trying to figure out what it is best for.

A fragment of a clay tablet, 3400 years old, with clearly formed writing on it, has been discovered in Jerusalem.0

I own an electronic tablet called an iPad. I use it for email, for browsing the internet, for language learning, but I have not yet figured out where it fits in between my iPod Touch, Blackberry and MacBook. I certainly want to explore its potential and understand because I think this new kind of computing mobility has great application for education. This remains a hunch on my part because I have not yet proved it to myself. I will continue my investigations. Any advice or comments welcome.


One thought on “iPad, still trying to figure out what it is best for.

  1. Hey Steve,I really enjoy your posts and your advice on language learning. I am currently a member at Lingq. Several weeks ago I was using my friends iPad and I logged into my Lingq account to test it out. I noticed that there were some issues with the word definitions popping up all the way at the bottom of an article I was reading as an example.I am definitely considering getting an iPad but really would love to be able to use it as a learning device. Any chance the Lingq site will have changes needed to make this work? The iPad seems like it could be a great learning device if the right tools are there. Having access to the Lingq site would be very helpful.Thanks for any input and future posts.

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