What is a heritage language learner?

I regularly read about heritage language learners in North America. Who are they?

Dos this term refer to someone whose parents speak another language at home, or also someone who comes from a home where one of the parents speaks another language? What about someone whose grandparents spoke another language at home, but whose parents speak English at home? What about someone whose ancestry is, for example, Japanese, but whose parents came from Brazil and are Portuguese speaking , is the heritage Japanese or Brazilian? Just wondering.


One thought on “What is a heritage language learner?

  1. <a href="http://techcrunch.com/2010/08/06/bill-gates-education/#comment-1190576">Bill Gates thinks the Internet</a> will be a better place to get your university education than &quot;place&quot; based institutions within five years. He does not see the same changes in the K-12 sector.<br> <br>I believe that he is right in terms of direction but underestimates the resistance of the established education industry/bureaucracy. It will take longer.  However, the trend is inevitable. It is not only online lectures, but also more structure and social support like LingQ Lang * and other sites provide. First thing that has to happen is to take away the credential granting authority from the schools. You should be able to get your education wherever you want, and go to specialized institutions to be tested for your credentials. The present system is like doctors selling pharmaceuticals.

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